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If you're a La Crosse, Wisconsin area resident or business owner, there will come a time when you need the services of a good, reliable plumber.

Contractor with a plumbing estimateMaybe you'll need a routine household plumbing repair, or you're interested in doing some remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom. For any job you need done, we have put together a short list of local companies for you to consider. These La Crosse plumbing companies work on everything from the water supply lines and meters coming in to your home to the big sewer lines that take everything out.

They will take on any job, whether it is big or small. This includes faucets, water heaters, kitchen sinks, toilets, showers, garbage disposals, stopped up drains, sewer lines and remodeling projects.

So when you need a La Crosse plumber, here are three to choose from:

Every Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is a full service plumbing and heating company that is family owned and operated and is a leading provider of plumbing services to the La Crosse and Onalaska, WI area.

Cargill Plumbing and Heating offers residential and commercial plumbing services with a staff of state-licensed professionals in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Holler Drilling & Plumbing provides a variety of plumbing services, plus well drilling and pump installation.

You can get firms like these competing for your project:

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Up in the Cities, this water softener installer is one of the best in town. A master plumber who will install only the most affordable and best quality water softeners.
La Crosse plumbers and explore a short listing of recommended Wisconsin firms.
La Crosse WI plumbing company is a good option to consider when looking for a western Wisconsin plumbing firm.
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Local plumber will fix your kitchen or bathroom pipe, drain, appliance or fixture problems.
Area plumbing service where you can get information about experienced remodeling and new installation services contracted through these regional businesses out working the La Crosse area and surrounding towns on both sides of the river.
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Local roofers can either do repairs on your existing roof or do a complete replacement.

The water along the Mississippi is pretty hard and it can really do a number on our appliances, fixtures and pipes. So most homeowners either buy or lease a water softener for the basement and treat the incoming water. There are different types and models of softening units, but we think it is best to get a good one. We also think the installer makes a difference too. Over in Maple Grove, you can find a pretty good installer with a master plumber designation. You can click over to see their services or learn more about these appliances.

If you have a backflow assembly, you have to get it tested annually. A local company can install it, test it and repair it when necessary. ABC Water Specialty is an example of a company that does this sort of thing. You can read more about it at their site. Water can really create problems in your home. Mold can grow from dripping pipe or a leak in the roof or wall. Make sure you occasionally inspect your house and get your mold problem cleaned up completely and safely.

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